EffectiveHuman Resources Solutions

LenvoHRM provides advanced features yet easy to use. The system is integrated with recruiting portals and consultancy providers

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Our Capabilities

HRM Solutions

We provide Human Resources Management Related solutions to cover the main functions of HR with specialized components

bright ideas

Providing software and hardware solutions that adds value through reducing time needed to perform operations

global strategy

Currently we are seeking partners on a global level to serve and extend our client base. Our solutions are built to be localized easily

Become a partner

We’re always looking for new active partners to work together to serve clients globally. Our partners benefit from different supporting services and marketing campaigns that exceeds their expectations. Lenvosoft welcomes IT service providers to join its growing network of partners all around the world.

about us

Lenvosoft operates in both Jordanian and Saudi Markets with a significant portfolio of projects covering both private and public sectors. With experienced employees in both administrative and technical fields in both Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

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