• Multi Display Management System LenvoMDM

    Multi Display Management System LenvoMDM

      LenvoMDM is a multi display management system. The application controls computers, mini computers and make them display content according…

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  • Accounting system

    Accounting system

    Accounting Software The accounting program is a program that provides a basic rule to manage all the financial and accounting…

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  • LenvoTAM


    Managing attendance a. Ability to connect realtime attendance devices with remote locations b. Ability to transfer Employees information between attendance…

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  • LenvoRPT


    Advanced Reporting Tool LenvoRPT provide an advanced  platform that allow the customer to get a different types of reports and…

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  • LenvoHRE – Employees’ self service pages

    LenvoHRE – Employees’ self s

    Employees’ Self Service Pages A web based application that allow employees to access their profile and display related information. The…

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  • LenvoHRM – Human Resources Management System

    LenvoHRM – Human Resources Managem

    LenvoHRM is a web based application that excels at calculating salaries to cover attendance operations. The system includes a full payroll…

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