Cloud Service Human Resources System

The Cloud Service serves to increase the quality of communication in a company, which, of course, can only result in positive changes in an organization. A good cloud service can, among other things, track applications, search résumés, generate reports, calculate payroll, track performance appraisals and maintain data on employees. Putting the HR department ‘on the cloud’ facilitates a mobile workforce and should also allow flexibility as well as being more cost effective than traditional software.

The Cloud Service is not purchased by the client, it is actually a subscription process, and by being so it might be more convenient for some clients because it cuts down on cost in the short run, in this case you are not actually buying the software, you will be paying smaller amounts of money annually or at different segments of the year, the contract itself is an annual contract. Clients also will not have to be concerned with the technical details associated with the software’s implementation, and Lenvosoft will be providing support at a top level because we will acquire the clients data and it will be hosted on our servers.

Other features:

1) The ability to solve technical issues with no extra cost.

2)  A specialized crew is provided to manage the resources and the service’s programs with no extra cost.

3) Fast modification and dealing with the program by the technical support team.

Service Details:

Lenvosoft provides it’s software solutions via the internet by using the Cloud Service in the manner below:

1) Providing a copy of the LenvoHRM and HRE.

2) Lenvosoft is responsible for the cost of building the system and the software’s core.

3) Lenvosoft provides the client with all licenses related to the use of the software.

4) Provides processing capability.

5) User manual and ‘Help’ instructions are provided.

6) The subscription’s membership rewards the client with the benefit of regular system updating.

7) The system can be accessed via the internet and certain restrictions can be made by the client, as to whom can access what and where.

8) Clients can retrieve copies of information they need via the internet without having to do it by contacting Lenvosoft.

9) Lenvosoft is not permitted to use the client’s information at any time and in any way, we are only allowed to view the information when the client needs technical support and only with their permission.

10) Lenvosoft provides data back up for it’s clients regularly.

11) The Cloud Service is an annual subscription service that the client abides by through paying the fee for the service.