Fingerprint Of Change Conference

The company participated in the 12th Fingerprint of Change Conference which was held in the Jordanian capital Amman, which aims to provide the opportunity to meet the human resources experts and discuss the latest experiences through various sessions and workshops. The conference included several activities and topics, including lectures on the evolution of the e…
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Visit Us at HR summit & Expo 2016 – Dubai

  Visit us at HR summit & Expo 2016 - human resources conference which will be held in Dubai – Dubai World Trade Centre on Monday, 14/11/2016 till 16/11/2016. Lenvosoft will present its Human resources management solutions and demonstrate the effectiveness of these solutions. Moreover, we will focus on added value features and specifications. We…
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New HR Dashboard

We have launched the new dashboard for our Human resources management software LenvoHRM. the dashboard displays a number of charts and lists for a deep and fast insight for your HR statuses. Moreover, the dashboard provides the user with easy access features that will improve the follow-up on different issues on daily bases.

the dashboard includes to do list which shows different alerts such as expired passports and documents, employees with required actions such as issuing end of service letter and calculation.

on the top four main charts are displayed to cover daily statistics covering count of employees on duty, number of new recruits for the month. and number of suspended employees and turnover percentage. Another chart handles late time and absent counts. Overtime is also included within the charts along with the percentage of overtime to total working hours. The easy access dashboard displays count of pending requests with relevancy to their life time.

The dashboard includes a number of lists to display late employees, absent employees and much more.

LenvoHRM Saves over 45% of costs

Sea Star is a Food Manufacturing Company located in Aqaba-Jordan, since 2012 this company has grown to become the Middle East’s and Asia’s nuts market leader. Sea Star has been benefiting from the Cloud Service that is being provided to them by our team at Lenvosoft for approximately one year now, by using the Cloud Service they have saved roughly 45% of the original cost of having to purchase the HR Software Solution, this is one of the key benefits of choosing such a solution, there is a significant cut on cost since there are no licensing fees either, there is availability and support at a top notch level, and by using the cloud service Sea Star is overcoming the hassle that comes with the need to provide an advanced IT infrastructure. All of this information just goes to tell you that Sea Star and other clients made an excellent choice by choosing to use the LenvoHRM as a Cloud Service provided by Lenvosoft.