LenvoHRE – Employees’ self service pages

Employees’ Self Service Pages

A web based application that allow employees to access their profile and display related information. The employee can view his/her administrative and financial data. Moreover, the system allows employees to place different requests such as Vacation / Leave requests. These requests will go through a sequence of online approvals based on the organizational structure.
The application saves a lot of time related to managing different requests and inquiries. The employee will have instant access to different information related to him/her. The application will speed up the process of approving different requests and inquires.
The employee will access the following:
•Announcements by the HR department
•Personal and administrative information such as full name in Arabic and English, marital status, department, job title … etc.
•Vacations / Leaves balances. The system will show the current balance of each vacation / leave.
•Approved Vacations / Leaves including the vacations that were entered by the HR department.
•Attendance information including working schedules (expected attendance) over duration, actual punches (attendance transactions), and attendance summary report showing late time and overtime.
•Financial Information. The user may display salary slip for a certain month showing all financial transaction, display different procedures.
•Place requests
–Vacation & Leave Request
–Overtime Approval
–Attendance Amendment request
–Financial Procedure requests such as advanced salary request