Advanced Reporting Tool LenvoRPT provide an advanced  platform that allow the customer to get a different types of reports and graphics in easy way, the tool can show the statistics through the state geographic map with the ability to show the percentage based on the areas and cities, also you can define multiple dashboards  to make a variety of information available on a single screen include the needed information, graphics, charts and the chart statistics maps.

Managing Reports:

this tool allow to customer to save and copy reports in folders and to customize the  reports by using the main functions as copy,cut and paste.

Define the terms of customized reports and charts:

the customer can define conditions and filters for the reports, the type of  conditions is  very according to the type of data for example:

we can use a condition on a date for a certain  period , before a certain date, during the current month, during the current year or during the previous year. Which provides variable terms permanently without need to modify the terms every time.

You can also select columns and  to appear in reports and export the report to a PDF or Excel file.

Define customized control panel :

Due to the importance of organized  and easily  accessing of  the information LenvoRPT provides the ability to define customized Dashboards and add content from maps, tables or graphs easily.

Linking to existing programs and systems without changing them. Where a team of specialized specialists to link the programs (Integration) where all the data are studied.