Time Attendance Management

LenvoTAM automate time attendance functionalities, The software handles the full cycle of managing Time Attendance within the organization. moreover the system is equipped to calculate the overtime and late time for employees based on attendance transactions fetched from attendance devices.

Time Attendance Management system main modules

1. Attendance Management

a. Ability to connect  attendance devices real-time with remote locations.
b. Ability to transfer Employees information between attendance devices.
c. Connect application to attendance devices directly to manage employees information and download attendance logs.
d. Perform different attendance calculations with reference to company attendance policies configured in the system settings.
e. Modify attendance entries in addition to delete logs.
f. Handle advanced shifts.
g. Display statistical information regarding attendance in the Dashboard.
h. Attendance reporting: a wide range of attendance reports are included within the system.

2. Managing Vacations and Leaves

a. The system handles different type of vacations.
b. Handling different types of leaves including work leaves (business out) and reflect these leaves on the expected attendance time of the employee.

3. Reports

a. Employees Working Schedules & Employees not assigned to working schedules.
b. Schedule changes over a period of time.
c. Employees attendance transaction with ability to filter based on location.
d. Absent Employees.
e. Morning Late report.
f. Employees attendance based on type.
g. Days with In without Out Transactions.
h. Monthly Summary.
i. Employee Attendance statement.
j. Imported attendance logs from devices.