Mobile Applications

The evolution and spread of smart phones increase the relies on using the phone apps to access the internet in booth Android applications and iPhone applications because they make the access to the information faster at any time without effort.

Mobile applications are the most successful way to deliver any product to the largest number of users.

Lenvosoft providing high-quality Android and iPhone application design and development depending on expertise of its cadres based on the need of customers in terms of the using the easy methods, considering the compatibility of all different sizes of the smart devices , also we deploying the applications based on the customer’s desire to market the applications o n different applications stores  (Google play) and (App Store). Also we follow up the reviews from the users in order to update the applications to increase the credibility.

 Some applications developed by Lenvosoft:



A web based application that allow employees to access their profile and display related information. The employee can view his/her administrative and financial data. Moreover, the system allows employees to place different requests such as Vacation / Leave requests. These requests will go through a sequence of online approvals based on the organizational structure. For more information, To get the App : Google Play , App Store.


LenvoJobs is specialized in processing recruiting and selecting activities performed by organizations. the App provides required tools to post new vacancies online and selecting appropriate talents. For more information, To get the App : Google Play , App Store.

Faza Digital App

Faza is a mobile application that helps connect freelancers with employers.
Faza includes many features such as CHAT and VIDEO CHAT, Some are published today and some are still under development.

To get the App : Google Play , App Store.