Multi Display Management System LenvoMDM


LenvoMDM is a multi display management system. The application controls computers, mini computers and make them display content according to a pre defined play list. The media may include pictures, videos, PDFs , web pages and Power Point.

LenvoMDM consists of two parts server and client. On the server side you will be able to create groups of devices and playlists. You can set what media and duration for each item. Devices (displays) will connect to the server and execute commands accordingly.

The controller manages displays with ability to group them and add different play lists. The controller also displays a spy picture showing what the current display is showing. Moreover, the controller can restart update client software on displays with a single click.

LenvoMDM Control (Server) – Displays:

Displays connect directly to the controller and show both resolution and IP address. Devices may be named according to need. Moreover, the controller can reboot a device or update it.

LenvoMDM Control (Server) – Groups:

Devices may be grouped to ease the access to multiple devices and assign different actions to these groups.

LenvoMDM Control (Server) – Displays Spy:

Display Spy window displays a small image of what the display computer is showing. Refreshing time may be set by the user.

LenvoMDM Control (Server) – Media:

Adding media is done through this window. Videos, images, Power Point, PDFs and even Web Pages. The media may be an executable file with all other files within a certain folder. Which makes LenvoMDM a great app to manage kiosks or touch screens.

LenvoMDM Control (Server) – Playlists:

Define play lists and link them to groups. By clicking update playlist all devices linked to the playlist will update media files. You can set media order, durations, fade in seconds and looping option.

LenvoMDM Display (Client):

The Display will connect to the server via local network or internet. The display computer may use a static IP address or a domain name to connect to. The transfer of media is done in a compressed form and explicitly the new or updated media is  transferred only.