Other Services

Technical services and development of customized projects:

The company provides specialized software development services according to customer needs. The company manages and implements projects through systematic and well-thought-out steps in all phases of the project.

Starting with defining the main objectives of the project and passing through the client’s needs accurately, planning, estimating the time and setting the work schedules, through the process of implementation and quality control until the final delivery of the project.

The company meets the needs of the customers by following the methodological steps in the various phases of the projects. The process starts with meeting the customers to understand the organization work field then the main objectives of the project are identified and the main results expected from the project implementation.

Website development and management

  • Website development

The company has extensive experience in developing websites. The company develops the site in accordance with the international standards recognized in the development of sites. The company provides innovative designs that reflect the customer’s identity and represent them in the most appropriate form electronically. We also believe that websites are a key factor in the marketing of Internet products and services and not just an electronic interface for the customer. We are working on developing the sites so that they are compatible with search engine friendly standards.

The company relies on the expertise of its cadres in systems analysis and development of effective solutions and within the appropriate costs.

  • Website management and advertising services

The company implements many operations and settings in the field of website development and advertising through the Internet. This service aims to provide value added to the operations of a particular company. The company also provides consulting services in this field.


(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

The company provides website management services according to annual contracts according to which the company develops websites permanently according to the developments in the world of the Internet. The company also makes the advertisements at the high hits sites.