EffectiveSoftware Solutions

We focus on saving time and cost through implementing these solutions and services. Furthermore, we provide the highest levels of after sales services.

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Software Solutions

Effective Software solutions. At Lenvosoft we focus on adding value to your existing operations by implementing our diversified yet integrated software solutions. Our solutions and software such as Human Resources Management system HRMS, Accounting, Inventory and work flow engine provides you with comprehensive automation for all your operations. Moreover, other tools such as our advanced reporting tool and multi display management system will offer real time reporting and analysis. Furthermore, Lenvosoft provides mobile applications development to increase there competitiveness and reach to different enterprise information on site. The software solutions that we provide are web based solutions. However, we also provide desktop tools and software.

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Development Services and Cloud Service

Lenvosoft provides clients with development services based on their needs. We work closely with our clients through out different project phases. Starting with Planning and going through Designing, Execution and controlling to reach optimal results. Additionally, we offer development services for web applications and desktop applications. Furthermore we help our clients in selecting the most suitable technology for their needs. Moreover we provide cloud based (SAAS) services for our solutions. Finally, Lenvosoft Adds value through different free of charge services and portals such as LenvoJobs a free recruiting portal

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Our Capabilities

Software Solutions

We provide software solutions and development services. also We develop different business software solutions covering different areas. As well as this, we offer supporting tools and applications that help in reporting and data mining

bright ideas

Our research and development team are always working to provide new and effective ideas. These ideas are translated into solutions by our development team. Moreover, we always take feed back and new ideas from our clients.

global strategy

Currently we are seeking partners on a global level to serve and extend our client base. Our solutions are built to be localized easily. Moreover, our solutions are easy to integrate with other systems using different technologies

Become a partner

We’re always looking for new active partners to work together to serve clients globally. Therefore, Lenvosoft will work closely with partners to meet local needs and regulations. Additionally, Our partners will benefit from international marketing campaigns.As a result, Lenvosoft welcomes consultancy firms and IT service providers to join its growing network of partners all around the world.

about us

Lenvosoft was established in 2010. After working for over 7 years in the MENA region, Lenvosoft is offering its solutions and services internationally. Although we have a diversified portfolio of projects, we focus on meeting local requirements to each country.  Accordingly, we work with both private and public sectors, medium and large enterprises. As well as this, we gain our competitiveness through localizing our software solutions and after sales services.

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Why Lenvosoft?

Adding value

At Lenvosoft we focus on adding value. We make sure that our software solutions and development services will include uniqueness. Firstly, value is created by saving time needed to process different business information. Secondly, we focus on reducing costs by providing software solutions in a cloud service form. Thirdly, we increase levels of accessibility and reach on different platforms. For example, we provide web based, desktop, mobile interfaces for the same solution. Finally, we listen to our clients and we reflect their ideas within our system to enhance the usability and dependence.

After sales services

After sales service is the most important factor in selecting a solution. At Lenvosoft we provide the highest levels of technical and non technical support to our clients. As well as this, Lenvosoft uses state of the art technology such as updating tool, online updating, and ticketing system. Furthermore, Lenvosoft will be providing support to it’s clients using in app chat engine. This engine will allow us to get in direct contact and support our clients instantly.

Continual Development

Our solutions are on continual development. We always develop our software and solutions to keep up with the latest technologies available in the market. We also make sure that these developments and updates are reflected towards our clients and in a timely fashion. Moreover, Lenvosoft is continually developing tools and applications that will help our clients. The newly developed solutions offer easy to use, more comprehensive reporting and data mining.

Highly skilled and professional team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals. We always focus on providing best solutions and IT service through our skilled team. Additionally, we place our human capital on continual development and training plans. In order to reflect them to our clients in the form of professional services and support.

Supporting services

Lenvosoft provides advanced supporting services. We provide support by developing and managing different portals such as LenvoJobs.com a recruiting portal. We also offer other services portal that helps in getting HR services from freelancers. Moreover, Lenvosoft has formed a number of alliances with consultancy firms that provides HR and business consultancy services with compatible implementation on our solutions.

 Localized solutions

Our solutions are highly localized. We provide software solutions with localized features. As a result, our systems are compatible with laws and regulations of a number of countries in the MENA region and globally. Moreover, Lenvosoft will always develop its software solutions to meet the local market needs for new markets and countries.