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LenvoRPT is a business intelligence platform that helps the user in creating reports, charts, and dashboards in an easy and fast way. The tool shows statistics and displays heat maps. Moreover, you can create unlimited dashboards to cover different areas on a single screen showing data and charts in realtime.

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Customize dashboards

Due to the importance of organized and easy access to information, LenvoRPT provides the ability to define customized Dashboards and add content from maps, tables, or graphs easily. Linking to existing programs and systems without changing or coding. A team of specialists can help to connect applications (Integrate) to LenvoRPT in no time.

Managing Reports

This tool allows the user to save and copy reports in folders and to customize the reports by using the main functions like copy, cut, and paste.

Apply filters on both reports and charts

The user can apply filters on data sets. Select filters according to the type of data. For example, you can use a filter on a date for a certain period, before a specific date, during the current month, during the current year, or the previous year. Which provides variable terms permanently without the need to modify the conditions every time. You can also show or hide columns from the result and export it to PDF or Excel.

Advanced Features

High-end technology that saves time and costs. Maximum automation supported with online free services.

Easy to Use

A Web-based, User-friendly, and well-organized interface. Single and Mass transactions and operations screens.

100% Guaranteed

All results that you get from us are 100% guaranteed to bring you to a whole new level of managing HR functions.

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