LenvoHRE Employees' self-service (ESS) is an application (Web-based and Mobile App) that allows employees to view their profile and place different requests. The employee will be able to see his/her personal information, vacations/leaves, and their balances (Personnel), overtime, attendance punch log, allowances, deductions, and salary slips (Payroll Data). Moreover, the employee can place different requests such as vacation/leave, advanced salary, attendance amendment requests, and GPS attendance.

Employees can access LenvoHRE Employees' self-service (ESS) through the internet and using computers, tablets, and smartphones. Moreover, it comes with a mobile application. Besides viewing information, requests are approved based on an organizational structure priorly defined in LenvoHRM Human Resources Management System (HRMS). The employee commonly starts the workflow, and the direct manager gets alerted to approve this request, the HR approval. The employee receives notification for this approval.

Employees’ Information Self-service

Employee self-service login is as easy as scanning a QRCode. The employee will be able to view personal information, including name, mobile phone number, and address. Moreover, the employee will be able to see administrative details such as Organizational structure, Job title, and detailed job description, including objectives, competencies, responsibilities, and communication levels.

Notifications, Announcements, and Polls

The HR System uses ESS self-service to deliver different messages and alerts. Notifications are automated based on other operations performed on the HR software (LenvoHRM). These Notifications and alerts are sent through mobile push notifications, email, and SMS.

HR managers will be able to create mass announcements for all employees or based on departments. Moreover, the announcement includes rich text content that allows Human resources administrators to place formatted texts with images and download links for presentations and PDFs.

Using LenvoHRE employee self-service software makes it easy to get feedback from employees on a particular matter, for example, the quality of health insurance services provided by the insurance company or answering a fast questioner on other topics. Furthermore, the poll functionality requires employees to fill or validate pieces of information for the whole organization. Such as asking employees with no mobile numbers to enter theirs or even confirm that their mobile number is correct.

Requests Management

Employees and managers alike can place different requests. Employees’ requests range from vacation and leave requests, advanced salary, schedule or shift change, and other requests related to assets in custody or ticketing.

The application also supports advanced requests such as GPSattendance Punch IN. The mobile app uses maps to record punches in a specific location with a specified diameter for allowed punches.

Requests may be diverted and processed based on organizational structure, direct manager, project manager, any employee within a particular division or department, and or based on specific information such as a country or location.

The requests module includes both escalation and delegation methods. Some of these processes could be fully automated. Such procedures may apply when a manager is off duty or on vacation. Other cases, such as log time to respond to the request, may be used.

Other Features

Our Employees’Self-service (ESS) pages include several features that add enormous value to your current operations in the following a list of main features.

·        Tasks management and assignment based on projects within the projects and allocation module
·        Natively integrated Chat engine
·        Shared documents with access levels based on departments and divisions
·        Internal tickets for IT support

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