Employee Self-Service (ESS)

The LenvoHRE ESS (Employee Self-Service) app is accessible to employees through the internet via computers, tablets, and smartphones, and is also available as a mobile application. The app allows employees to view their information and make requests that are approved based on the organizational structure previously defined in the LenvoHRM HRMS. Requests typically start with the employee and are then reviewed and approved by the direct manager and HR. Upon approval, the employee receives notification.

Human Resources Management System


Employees’ Information Self-service

Accessing the LenvoHRE ESS (Employee Self-Service) app is quick and convenient with a simple QR code scan. Once logged in, employees can view their personal information, such as name, contact information, and address. In addition, they can also access administrative details, such as the organization's structure, their job title, and a comprehensive job description, which includes information about their objectives, competencies, responsibilities, and communication expectations. This provides employees with a centralized platform to view important HR information, streamlining HR processes and improving employee engagement and satisfaction.

 Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Notifications, Announcements, and Polls

The LenvoHRE HR System utilizes its ESS (Employee Self-Service) feature to deliver various notifications and alerts to employees. These automated notifications are triggered by actions performed within the LenvoHRM HR software and are sent via mobile push notifications, email, and SMS. HR managers have the ability to create mass announcements for all employees or specific departments, which can include rich text content such as formatted text, images, and links to presentations and PDFs.The LenvoHRE ESS also facilitates employee feedback through its poll functionality. For example, employees can provide feedback on the quality of the company's health insurance services or answer quick questionnaires on various topics. This feature also allows for the collection of important information from employees, such as confirming their mobile numbers, which can be useful for the organization as a whole. The employee self-service software streamlines HR processes, making it easier to gather information and improve communication with employees.


Requests Managemen

LenvoHRE Employees' self-service (ESS) enables both employees and managers to place various requests through its intuitive interface. Requests range from vacation and leave, advanced salary, schedule or shift change, to other requests related to assets in custody or ticketing. The ESS app also supports advanced requests such as GPS Attendance Punch IN, which utilizes maps to record punches at specific locations with a set allowed diameter. Requests can be processed based on the organizational structure, direct manager, project manager, any employee within a specific division or department, or based on specific information like country or location. LenvoHRE ESS features escalation and delegation methods, with some processes being fully automated, such as when a manager is off duty or on vacation, or with response time logged for the request.


Other Features

LenvoHRE's ESS offers a suite of features designed to streamline and simplify HR operations. The ESS pages feature advanced task management and assignment capabilities, integrated within the Projects Allocation module. This allows for effective project management and resource allocation. Additionally, the ESS includes a natively integrated chat engine for seamless communication and collaboration. Access to shared documents can be controlled based on departments and divisions, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information. Furthermore, the ESS provides an internal ticketing system for IT support, enabling employees to quickly and easily resolve technical issues.


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