LenvoHRM 5 Human Resources Management System is Released Now!

We have launched our new version on LenvoHRM. Version 5 includes an enormous number of added features, along with a significant amount of enhancements that reduce both time and costs.

Our development team has worked over the last three months on developing a new and advanced interface that makes human resources management operations easy and highly automated. 

Our Human Resources Management System (HRMS) now includes advanced features that allow working remotely or from home.

  • Tasks module integrated within the HR system. The assignments go through a workflow based on the organization chart. 

Scouring system. LenvoHRM 5 includes a scouring module which is Free and allows managers to add positive or negative points to employees. Even tasks may reflect on the score based on achievement. 

Integrated Chat and video conferencing system powered by MeemWaw. The engine natively integrates with our Human resources management software (LenvoHRM) and Employees’ Self Service Pages (ESS) LenvoHRE.

Upgrading LenvoHRM HR application, and LenvoHRE is 100% Free of charge. To update the software, start our automated updater or contact our technical team by clicking here.

For More details on LenvoHRM5 and its features click here.



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